sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2016


References are like footprints left in the world ... short, spaced ... strong.
For some people the emptiness define themselves, for others, much is still very little.
A certain kind of puzzle ... we live like unveiling our footsteps, trying to fit us into a cyclic…continuous system.

There are doubts about the power we have about ourselves, our personal truth.

But the question is: What and who inspire me in this world?

I always imagine an open book filled with stories and memories, like those we receive and share.

We bump head to head, we try to escape, flight ... but life is responsible for blossoming a single interior, one that originates when we are unaware.
No one seeks to understand its roots until starting to feel the ground opening up underneath and not having where to hold.
Parents, teachers ... so many human beings changing and driving my life.

For me there are and there will always be examples, one cannot live without them.
Examples are like the wind that sweeps seconds, so fast that we can not handle it.
Like puffs we receive ... its intense and sublime force show us how to write our story, even if endures as a gale out of time and place, arriving and vanishing.

And isn’t that ephemeral enough for me to understand my existence?

What really matters is that I fit into this parallel universe, because though I have full will be part of a collective, I'm an odd union of reasons and assigned sensitivities.

And nothing and no one can take what I was given by his inner roots.
Today I see that inspiring me is to enjoy the light and flaming breeze with its intense flavours and inconceivable textures to accept that references serves as shades for the path that I will run on and within this mix, I am a reluctant object that insists on staying, and in this absolute truth, know how to say goodbye to the past of this crossroads called life.

No one is prepared for the desert of neither doubts nor so full of themselves in regards of the lakes of certain... metaphors will always exist, you know?
So I understand that seeking a true inspiration in someone requires learn to listen more than talk, observe more than looking and above all worship my roots, because they are responsible for creating my true essence.
Today I am all that has coming for a long time, an all complex and full of wants and desires, quirks and stubbornness, my own fleshly digital imprint.

I have so many ones to admire; so many that is part of my saga; all at its own time and happening that I thank each one for the knowledge donated to me.

I learned to take control of my life and therefore leaving open doors, because they will certainly bring new possibilities and endless questions so I can always move on.

With all the examples that have passed by and certainly still to come in my life, I will not be afraid to say farewell, because everyone is always giving a little about itself, aren’t they?

So are the references, the mirrors, the essence.

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