domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016

The Rightness

I always want get it right, regardless of our forecasts and guesses.

Trends, patterns, statistics and predictions means nothing without a commitment ... as simple as it can be; when I want I make it worthwhile.

I must understand that everything is relative and depends on me. Things change with imagination and vary in a form of multiple errors.

I shook hands as a way of assuring, a simple and clear understanding that in life, we can only be happy where agreement reigns.

I once read that if you do not take risks for the fear of making mistakes, you may never know the joy that is set. That seems really real.

We have many chances to fail but only one to get it right ... and that is the one we really seek, really need and the one that takes longer to find.

Why? ... Well, that's where the question lies.

If we were so assertive, certainly we would not have so many issues that we needed to work on and engage as a form of daily evolution...Believe, I tried so hard to do the right things all the time; it just gave me more frustration; because the best thing for me, happens by surprise.

Do I need a daily quota of assertive thoughts?
Yes definitely.

It is with it I put focus my actions on the content. Definitely to be happy I do not need the world, I need to position my steps and hit them on the right paths.

I understood that I am not part of a perfect whole, nor were meant to hit bullseye every time and I seldom do it. I make mistakes; I keep going because life always goes on.

I used to wish perfection because we are urgent to our ideals. In the rush, I forget that part of the process set is due to the simple fact that our ideas are evolving during construction. Anxious to make it happen, I fumble, say and do what I did not want to, I tell the worst words to the ones I love more and by fear I run away from responsibility that discerns me.

Are these sudden escapes that I do not comprehend the loss: friends who are gone, the feelings that just frozen, the humbleness that flows, the values that disappear among many frictions, conflicts, insults, abuses, unnecessary haste allowing to rob our sweet insight of feeling, winning, smiling, living, interacting, making friends.

By eagerly trying, I fail to be unique. But it's never too late to blow stars, spread sparks, invade hearts and plant what is

most precious: the "love"; delivering the wonders of life, allowing us to be who we really are and never forget that restarting is part of our own growth.

Growing hurts but transforms you.

I'm always myself but I’m sure I will not be the same forever.