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Communication, art and talent

Comunication: Field of academic knowledge that studies the processes of human communication.

Do you know how to comunication is so important?
Well my friend, in this world, and in this must know it. Every day we must pass an idea, a thought to someone or to a group. Communication is the answer of the reason. It is that makes us think and says what we really want to tell and how to tell.
It may be only a small idea, but it is a great demonstration of capacity.
The Communication is very important, but remember that you need a good argument to make it real. Always give your best. Find your inner truth, trust your analytical capacity.The truth is never small, and a great lie is
Never big enough to hide what you want to pass to someone.Information is everything.
In today's times we are invaded. Daily we are invaded by products, ads and all kinds of information.
but we have the power of choice, because our indivudual culture tell us what we> want to teach and take from this life.
Communicating is more than a gift, it is an art. So, who you are , it always makes the difference.Difference does not mean a mistake, but it is that each one has a talent for something
Doing something new, something about writing, painting,music...communication is the expression of the soul. Write, paint, compose a beautiful song, dance or just think about doing something positive. Communication is the expression of the soul.In life we have to think about
what we want and can.

A good example is the example we need to fix ... copying. Open a newspaper, read a newspaper, listen to the advertising jingles. A lote of messages, but most of them, copies ... following the recipe of winners. Where are the creators and their different and revolutionary ideas? The difference is still subtle, but it exists within each creative movement ,the true media. It is up to us, the creative and active advertising, always do the right with
our minds, the art of making a difference.
I wouldl like to talk about one person in particular that moved by endless reasons,
knows the real sense of the term Communicate.

His name is Michael Moore, Journalist focused, dynamic and different, well:
a complete communication of distorted facts. Moore, this is his name. He asks for more.
The reasons that makes him different, the world knows: TRUTH. He honors the human being by the human being. What makes him special?
Learn to put the image in the first place .. the words in this case are
coadjuvants. He can and knows how to use the real meaning of the word.
learn more:

I hope more, I talk more,I am inspired more than ever. Because I know the
power of the word and to where it may take me.

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